Travel during COVID-19 pandemic

Is it SAFE to travel during a pandemic? Well, I had to travel in the middle of a pandemic from UAE to India. To my good luck, I was in a charter flight and there were only those people whom I know. Read till the end to know the full story.

Buy Me a Coffee

Every coffee has a story and “Buy Me a Coffee” is my story from around the world. As a world traveler, I love to drink coffee in almost every destination I visit. I often buy a coffee in a new country and I have documented most of my coffee pictures which I am sharing for the first time on my website. Please read till the end and take a look at my coffee pictures in different locations.

How to visit China?

My dream finally came true when I visited the Great Wall of China and it was exactly how I wanted. There was absolutely no one around except my friend and another guy from the hostel. I made amazing pictures and videos. If you visit China, don’t forget to tag me in your pics.