How to travel in Jordan and here are amazing tips

Take a look at how I saved over 1000 US dollars during my trip to Jordan. I had no visa on my Indian passport. Jordan is an amazing place to visit and there is so much to explore. Read till the end to know what I did in Jordan.

Wadi Rum Desert – Aqaba, Jordan

I visited Jordan in November 2019 through the Red Sea. I had an Indian Passport and no visa. However, the authorities granted me with a travel pass to visit Jordan. No stamp on the passport. That was enough to visit as many places as possible during my stay in Jordan. I had great plans about the places to visit in Jordan. I also wanted to keep my budget to a minimum. Spend less and travel more is my tag line always. I did save a lot of money during this trip and in this blog, I will explain my journey and how I managed to make it a success.

I arrived in Aqaba, Jordan in the afternoon at around 14:00 and my Jordanian friend came to pick me up with his dad. We had a plan to visit the beautiful desert called the Wadi Rum. I sat inside the truck and on the way, the local cops stopped the truck. They said the tourist can only use a taxi and not the private vehicle. My friend told me to get down and he took me for a walk through the market. His dad came on the other side of the market and I continued the journey with my friend. On the way, his dad told an inspiring story. Take a look at my travel video from Jordan.

I went to Wadi Rum Desert on my first day and we hired a vehicle for the desert safari. Wadi Rum is a red desert in Aqaba, Jordan and it looks like the surface of Mars. This desert has attracted many filmmakers to shoot movies and there are 13 Movies Filmed in Wadi Rum.

1. Lawrence of Arabia

2. Red Planet 

3. Passion in the Desert

4. The Face – Rock Climbing

5. Krrish 3

6. Prometheus

7. May in the Summer

8. The Frankincense Trail 

9. The Last Days on Mars 

10. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 

11. The Martian 

12. Theeb

13. Star Wars

I had an amazing time taking landscape photos in the desert and later we explored some more places in Wadi Rum. It is a huge desert and walking in the desert will take a very long time. Desert safari is the best solution to go anywhere in the desert.

I had the best opportunity to be flexible during this trip and I took this opportunity to stop and shoot most of the time to capture unforgettable memories. This was arranged by my friend from Jordan.

If you’re travelling in Wadi Rum or in Jordan; make sure to find a local friend who can accompany you during the travel or travel in groups with other traveller and this will save a lot of money.

After enjoying the beautiful sunset in Wadi Rum I returned to my cruise ship and rested.

Next day I had a road trip to Petra which was more than one hour journey. I got on the bus and sat in a completely packed bus. I did not feel comfortable and I immediately decided to take the next bus. It was a huge bus and I was in an uncomfortable very last window seat. Windows were closed due to air condition.

I went inside the other bus and found a better seat. The journey started and I began to take photos & videos. I was also listening to my tour guide from Jordan and he explained many things about the place.

I like Jordan and I was very much excited to visit the wonder of the world. Just two months earlier I was in China and I visited the Great Wall of China. Take a look at my blog from China.

After an hour we stopped in a Petra view shop to buy souvenirs and I was told that this is the best price I can get. Well, it’s not. I will explain to you later in this blog. I bought one flag for 3 JD.

I took some pictures before heading to the next stop and that was the wonder of the world. When we reached the tour guide distributed us with a ticket. He gave us four hours to explore the wonder of the world and come back to the meeting point. Keeping time is always crucial in crowded places like this one. I was all set to explore it on my own and I started to walk.

No wonder that the wonder of the world is not easily accessible and walking along a path with perseverance was essential. Weather was hot and I started walking as fast as possible to spend more time at the wonder of the world.

After half an hour, I saw a magnificent view and it was really amazing. I felt like I found the treasure and it is also known as the treasure. I highly recommend you to visit the wonders of the world and it’s worth it.

I saw donkey cart on the way and some tourists hired it to reach to the wonder of the world faster. If you’re old or running out of time then this is the best option to reach faster.

One more reason why you should visit during the day. Petra is lit with the lamps on the ground during the night and it’s completely dark on the other sides. Night tours are much more expensive than the day tour. However, if you’re a photographer then you will definitely enjoy the night view. Day tour allowed me to move freely all around and there is so much to explore. If you travel on your own then you can enjoy the beauty to the maximum and explore all the areas around.

I walked around and even found the amphitheatre. There are many tombs around this place. It is absolutely amazing to visit. Done tourists even took a camel ride.

I went to a nearby souvenir shop which is powered by solar cells on the roof for electricity. They had very beautiful souvenirs and I could buy three souvenirs for 3 JD. A lot cheaper than the shop where I had stopped.

The seller even allowed me to take a picture with the souvenir without having to buy it. On my way back I met a couple from Switzerland who I first met in the local restaurant the previous evening. It was my pleasure to take some photos of them with the Petra.

After enjoying the afternoon in Petra and started to walk back to the meeting point. It was a long walk and I made it very fast to reach faster and I was a bit earlier than the meeting time. I went to a nearby restaurant to grab a drink and later proceeded to board my bus.

It was a lovely day in Jordan and this happened to be my unforgettable experience. Keep Traveling & learning and Follow me on Instagram GoesAroundMyWorld and YouTube for travel videos.

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