How did I get on a Pilot Boat?

Have you been on a pilot boat?

No one goes on a pilot boat except the pilot and the co-pilot. On an early morning in Madeira, I had a mission and it included that I must go on a pilot boat. Read till the end to know how I made it on the pilot boat.

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Getting on a pilot boat from a moving cruise ship can be risky. I had no prior such experience and my manager choose me to do this job. Before that day I had safety instruction from the safety officer and I was made aware of the danger.

“With great risk comes great responsibility”

My colleague made me think about the possible dangers and I had to tell him that I will come alive and will make this mission a successful one. It was vital for me to be filled with good and encouraging thoughts.

On receiving the instructions I had to sign an acknowledgment that I have understood. I took the inflatable life vest and started preparing for my mission.

I am a photographer and my mission was to capture photos of the cruise ship before it arrives in the port. I got up early morning and I was all set to go on the pilot boat with the camera. I choose not to take a bag as I had to wear the inflatable life vest. The camera was around my neck and I was waiting with other deck crew as they were waiting for the instructions to open the side door.

The Bridge officer informed the deck crew to open the door on the port side (left side of the ship). The door was opened and they placed the rope ladder. I was waiting for my instructions. All excited to try this for the first time.

The pilot boat was sailing right next to the fifth largest cruise ship in the world. Both were at a great pace. I was getting down on the rope ladder and the pilot boat was very low. After getting down a few steps the co-pilot told me to jump. Trusting his words I jumped on the pilot boat. It was really like the mission impossible scenario and I was the hero.

I felt great to be on the pilot boat and I went to sit inside the boat. After a while, it was time to take photos of the cruise ship and I went on the open area on the pilot boat catching the railing without any harness attached. I made some pictures and the videographer made videos. Moreover, I was enjoying this mission.

The cruise ship was still moving and I had reached the port much before the cruise ship. The pilot boat left me and the videographer on the port and left. I was shooting videos and times lapse as the cruise ship was docking in the port of Madeira.

The clock struck seven and the cruise ship finally docked in the port. I was still shooting videos as I was loving it and I don’t know when I will get such an opportunity again. I love Madeira, Portugal.

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