Zipline in the Jungle of Costa Rica

I visited Costa Rica in 2016 and in that year I visited 28 countries in total within a span of nine months traveling. I traveled as a Photographer and I had the possibility to explore different places for free. I will give you some tips on every blog about travel and how to earn while traveling. Read this blog until the end of the Zipline in Costa Rica.

I was here with a German group and one of my colleagues was also with me to experience the Zipline for the first time. As a photographer, I made several photos although it was not possible to carry a camera up there due to safety precautions. I somehow managed to carry mine and also take care of myself.

It’s tough to think about things like accidents, illness, disasters, and crime in paradise, but a little awareness can go a long way towards making your visit safe.

In general Costa Rica is a very safe place, but as a traveler, it’s important to remember that you’re out of your element in unfamiliar territory. During my trip everyone was safe and we all took safety precautions. The Costa Rican government is not particularly involved in the safety of tourists.  There are few regulations, insurance requirements, safety agencies, or tour design standards.  However, that doesn’t mean the tours are reckless and dangerous.  The tourism industry in Costa Rica has a huge financial concern in self-regulating to ensuring that travelers are safe while having fun.

I had my safety helmet and harness and somehow managed to carry my DSLR. It’s a no go to carry something that might be risky. As a photographer I had to take that risk otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take any pictures as that’s my job. I got ready like everyone else and we had the safety instructions.

Always follow the safety instructions to avoid injury.

I carried a shoulder bag to put my camera and took it out whenever it was safe to do so. If you’re a photographer then take care of your expensive gadgets and prepare in advance.

Zipline in Costa Rica is one of the best experiences you can get. The most extreme is the Superman Zipline in Costa Rica and I tried the 1 km Jungle zip line with about 10 stops on the trees. They had a platform and it’s very safe as there is zip line crew on every stop to help you land safely.

So fellas, if you’re in Costa Rica don’t forget to experience the Zipline, and like always don’t forget to tag me in the pictures.

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