How to visit China?

In 2019 I decided to visit China and meet my friends. My plan was great but to accomplish it I had many challenges. Read till the end to know how I made it a success.

That’s me at the Bund in Shanghai, China

Traveling is very easy and if you have the knowledge of how to get the initial process done then you can travel anywhere in the world.

As an Indian, I needed a Chinese visa but it wasn’t possible to apply directly to the nearest Chinese embassy. Due to this issue, I contacted the nearest travel agency for a visa appointment.

The agency asked me to produce several documents related to my China trip as it was vital in order to apply for the visa. I had to give my bank statement, proof of hotel booking, and my round trip tickets.

The initial process took about ten days and I finally got the visa. I was all set to travel and one of my dreams was to visit the Great Wall of China and make photos and videos without any people around.

During my flight from GOA – BOMBAY (shortest flight 45 minutes)

I had a flight from Goa – Mumbai – Singapore – Shanghai. I’ve traveled a lot and four flights with a long layover were a bit challenging. As a solo traveler, I had to prepare for the layover.

After my first flight, I had a layover of 14 hours in Mumbai International Airport and the sitting area wasn’t very comfortable. I decided to explore the airport area for a comfortable place to sit. I finally found the business lounge and as I walked in there no one said anything. There were very few people from business class and I managed to find a very comfortable couch to sit and even take a nap.

Relaxing at the Mumbai airport for 14 hours layover.

My next flight was to fly to Singapore. This flight was about two hours and on reaching Singapore I had seven hours of layover. I had a coffee and walked around to kill time.

I was excited when it was time to fly to Shanghai. I had two Singapore sling on the last flight and the flight attendant on the Singapore airlines was very friendly.

When I landed in China, it was my country #37 and I couldn’t wait to explore many places.

I’m writing a book about my China travel in detail and there I will explain my whole journey and how you can explore China in the best possible way.

The Great Wall of China.

My dream finally came true when I visited the Great Wall of China and it was exactly how I wanted. There was absolutely no one around except my friend and another guy from the hostel. I made amazing pictures and videos. If you visit China, don’t forget to tag me in your pics.

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It was an honor to sit on the top of the Great Wall of China.


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