Best place for ice cream in Barcelona

When you visit Barcelona there’s the best place for ice cream and I’m gonna show you where and why. Read till the end.

This place is in the heart of Barcelona and here you can find 15 different varieties and all of them taste absolutely delicious. Every time I visit this place I try a different but still I got my most favourite ice Crean here.

Ron Pasas & Pistacho is my favourite combination. I feel like going back to Barcelona while writing this blog. 🙂

You can also find your favourite ice cream when you go there. They not only sell a different variety of ice cream but also different types of cones. If you like chocolate then they have full chocolate cone and if you don’t want a cone then they also serve you ice cream in a cup (big and small). Remember to mention how many “bolas” you want in your cone. Most of them do speak English and if you can speak a little bit of Spanish then they would be glad to hear.

The place for my ice cream suggestion is in the below image and its very easy to find. I often visited it with my best friends and we all loved it. Try your favourite ice cream and don’t forget to tag me in your pictures.

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