Best local place to eat in Barcelona. We call it “Happa-Happa”

Can Paixano is one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona. It was founded in 1969, and year after year, it has a growing status as a must-see for those seeking a different vision of Barcelona.

Famous sparkling wine in Barcelona.


Most Spanish people are not aware of this place and my German friend introduced this place to me. He also introduced this place to his Spanish friend during their visit to Barcelona.

It’s a place where the ambiance of the Barceloneta’s (a typical seaside neighborhood) old bars is revived and also where the famous sparkling wines can be enjoyed, in addition to sampling from the wide assortment of sandwiches and tapas. I loved drinking the Rosat sparkling wine and eating croquettes.

If you visit this place then you won’t be hungry. I visited this place with my best friends a couple of times when I was in Barcelona and We often ate a lot. Our group was the loudest and the owner often shouted “Arriba-Arriba”. Next time when we there, they immediately recognized us and we smiled. When we drink we laugh out loud with our funniest jokes.

Chorizo is another delicacy and it tastes very good with the sparkling wine. They also serve blood Chorizo, Sardines, and Sandwiches.

We often ate a lot and the bill was very reasonable. This place has a few chairs. Usually, everyone stands and eat or find a corner to eat and drink. It was always very crowded.

Every time I went out with my friends to eat in a restaurant, we called it “Happa-Happa”. Barcelona “Happa-Happa” is one of our favourites. I will write more about the different “Happa-Happa” in Europe and even in China. I’ve added a part of the menu and next time when you visit this place. Don’t forget to tag me in the picture.

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